IBM Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure with Interconnectivity and Red Hat Marketplace recognized as 2021 Stratus Award Winners

I’m thrilled to announce that two IBM products were recognized for their experience excellence in Cloud Computing. IBM Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Infrastructure with Interconnectivity and Red Hat Marketplace, operated by IBM, both…

Design team earns a 2021 European Product Design Award

Red Hat®Marketplace has been recognized by the international design community for its outstanding design. The design team was recently honored by the European Product Design Award with an award in the Other Products Designs/Product User Interface Design category. …

IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog, and IBM OpenPages with Watson win one of industry’s most prestigious design awards

I am thrilled to announce that for the first time in IBM Design history, 3 of our design teams have won the prestigious Red Dot Award. Hearty congratulations to the…

Two of our design teams made a big showing at the Indigo Design Awards this year.

IBM Automation Decision Services won Gold in Interactive Design and Digital Tools & Utilities, Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation, and Bronze in Apps categories respectively.

Our teams were recognized for their stellar software and user experience design

I’m excited to announce that two of our design teams received well-deserved recognition from iF Design’s competition this year. IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog won in the app/software category, while IBM Automation Decision Services did so in the interface for digital media category.

For 67 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has…

The product won the best user interface innovation category

Designers at IBM pride themselves in having both top-tier design skills and advanced technical knowledge. The risk management industry recently validated and honored this critical combination of skill sets in our designers. …

Their win signifies the importance of great user research

As we see a rise in developer advocacy across the tech industry, the importance of developer experience rises with it. This has created a huge opportunity for design to make an impact.

This team earned the highest distinction in the digital category

The IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) design team is closing out 2020 on a strong note as Platinum level winner of the Spark Design Awards in the Digital category. …

This effort involved a close working relationship between design, development, offering management, and marketing.

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat brought us new opportunities to lead in cloud, and our design organization wasted no time jumping at them. …

This prestigious competition placed IBM Cloud & Data Platform alongside some of the most innovative design in our industry

Our designers take on ambitious projects in order to solve complex problems. I see up close the talent, grit, and humility it takes to do that well. I’m excited to share that Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards honored Watson Discovery as a finalist in their user experience category.

Arin Bhowmick

Global VP Design | Chief Design Officer, @IBM |Cloud, Data and AI I UX Leadership| UX Strategy| Usability & User Research| Product Design

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