IBM Design kicks off the New Year with Three Spark Design Awards

Discover the next generation of IBM SPSS Statistics with Project NX

Welcome and onboarding experience in IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM SPSS Statistics accelerates decision making and helps beginners be more productive with guided experiences and interactive ways to explore data

IBM Maximo Mobile brings big data and AI directly to your pocket

IBM Maximo Mobile delivers work order work flows and AI-powered diagnostic tools in a unique mobile experience.

IBM Maximo Monitor improves reliability of the entire operational process

Operators monitor critical, geographically dispersed assets from centralized, configurable dashboards, focusing on the right assets, the right time, and the right information.



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Arin Bhowmick

Arin Bhowmick

Chief Design Officer, @SAP | ex CDO @IBM |Cloud, AI and Apps I UX Leadership| UX Strategy| Usability & User Research| Product Design